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             "When I separated I met with two lawyers, Mark and a famous celebrity divorce lawyer from a big firm.  I chose Mark thinking that I would get more senior attention and better service than if I retained a big firm.  I certainly got that – Mark handled every detail of my long and complicated case from planning strategy to the minutia of daily communication with my former wife.  But, I got much more.  Mark became a friend and confidante in addition to my attorney.  Mark gave me good legal advice temperd  with basic common sense and human compassion.  He understood that sometimes the right decision for my daughter or for my lifestyle was not necessarily the text book answer.
             My case was very complex, involving full litigation (custody and financial), an international kidnapping, several criminal matters (at the state and federal levels), several instances of non-family civil and financial litigation.  The divorce and its aftermath spanned more than a decade, five or six judges and countless lawyers on the other side.  Mark handled every one of these matters personally.  In instances where we needed specialized expertise (such as with the non-family civil litigation), Mark brought in and oversaw one of the attorneys with whom he is affiliated.  I enjoyed all the advantages of hiring a sole practitioner and still had all the benefits of a large full service firm.
            At times I felt like we were David fighting Goliath.  My ex-wife mounted a well-financed battle with famous, high-priced lawyers from some of the supposedly best firms in New York.  She fought a scorched Earth, no-holds-barred fight.  Mark was tough but always took the high road.  He advocated for me aggressively but never showboated in court and had a good working relationship with the other lawyers.
            Ultimately, one hires a lawyer for results and Mark produced results.  Against all odds, I was awarded full custody of my then-two year old daughter.  The best testimonial is a referral.  I have referred to Mark four friends and would recommend him again." --BB


            "I was referred to Mark in 2009 when my divorce was heading to trial and I needed a litigator. I had previously used a larger firm with many lawyers and exorbitant rates, but who could not get anything accomplished, so I knew full well the advantages of going with an individual attorney.
            My case had several complexities related to ownership of private company stock, a marital home going through foreclosure, personal and marital credit card and bank debts, and more. Mark was able to very quickly get to the heart of the details of the case and how best to present our side to his adversary as well as the Court. Because he works alone (but has the resources of a firm behind him), he was forced to review, analyze and organize all aspects himself. Thus, he was always very well prepared for Court. He is a strong litigator when necessary, but realistic as to what was achievable and negotiated points that were not necessary to argue.
            After 3 years, the judgment was finalized in May 2012 with my ex-wife getting a fraction of what she requested (and what I had offered her in many settlement meetings). I am convinced that I would not have achieved nearly as good a result with any other firm. While most divorces are not as messy nor as lengthy as mine, if you need an expert in matrimonial issues in New York, there is no better person than Mark Helweil."  --WL


            "To this day I thank the person that referred me to Mark Helweil! Mark is an honest, ethical and compassionate attorney who did a great job representing me in my divorce and custody agreement. He provided intelligent and practical advice, and made sure I always understood my options. He was (and still is) available to answer any questions I have, and I've never been disappointed by his advice. I will continue to recommend Mark without hesitation or reservation to anyone seeking a matrimonial attorney." --CW


            "Mark Helweil is remarkably gifted at his job.  He’s concise, informed and very good at cutting through the nonsense to get to the heart of the matter.  He understands the divorce process inside and out and is capable of distilling a complex situation down to the fundamental elements.  He is a master strategist and tactician whose skills enabled me to quickly and fairly get through my divorce and move my life forward with a minimum of strife.  I highly recommend him." -- GC
            "I used Mark Helweil to help me with my pre nuptial agreement. Mark was creative, patient and incredibly conscientious. He understood all the details of the agreement, and explained everything to me. A pre nup can be very stressful, and he really helped me navigate this very tricky road. I thank Mark for his attention to detail and his unique intuition." -- PM


            "If you are ever in need of a matrimonial attorney, you can't find anybody better than Mark Helweil. Mark combines a vast experience with a practical, honest, results oriented approach that keeps track of the big picture.  In a process that can be unpredictable and drawn out, Mark's wisdom is invaluable.  He is a true gentlemen and is equally proficient both in the courtroom and during negotiations. He is accessible, intelligent and an excellent advocate. I would give Mark my highest possible recommendation." --MK


             "Going through a divorce is emotionally debilitating and can be financially devastating. The system is flawed in that most divorce attorneys are motivated by driving up fees by exacerbating matters. My ex went through 11 attorneys. I have had one attorney. Mark Helweil is unique and I highly recommend him and I do often. He is all about integrity and is masterful in addressing the issues. In addition, he is respected by the judges because of the way he conducts himself which strengthens the positions he takes hard when decided by the judges."  --JM


              "Mark brought to the process the critical things that mattered most; strategic thinking, a willingness to listen and rethink an approach , a clearly harmonious relationship with all of the gatekeepers at the Courthouse and during this often stressful process Mark was always available and always responded promptly to emails and phone calls no matter when they were sent." -- MG

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